Menu Planning, Meal Preparation and Culinary Parties

Meal Preparation

Don’t worry about dinner tonight! The Awakened Foodie does all the work for you. I will prepare your meals for the week or just one night! In your home so you know things are prepared to the highest standards… YOURS! It is just like having a chef at home. Call today to set up a consultation.

Culinary Parties

A culinary adventure in the comfort of your home, the perfect twist to a dinner party! Gather your friends and learn to cook some of your favourite recipes in this interactive cooking class, keep the recipes and enjoy a 4 course meal. Choose from one of 4 menus: Mexican, Italian, French or Thai. Reserve a night now! 613-331-1677

Menu Planning

The Awakened Foodie is happy to take the guess work out of your dinner time with my menu planning services. With the menu plan you will receive a 5 or 6 day menu, your choice of monthly or weekly. The menu I provide includes all the recipes along with a grocery list for the week.

How does it work?

Fill out this form The Awakened Foodie Menu Planning Services and email it to with any questions for an individual consultation. Within 24-48 hours of placing your order you will receive your menu. That’s it! You will have in your hands a menu that’s tailored to your family’s needs, nutritious and within your budget*.

Prices: $15 CAD/week or $50 CAD/month paid via Paypal

*Budget will be assessed and discussed with client upon initial consultation.


Sample Menu

Monday: Korean beef stir fry with rice and steamed broccoli

Tuesday: Grilled chicken burrito quinoa bowls

Wednesday: Homemade Thai burgers with sriracha mayo

Thursday: Grilled salmon skewers, spinach salad with balsamic vinaigrette

& garlic bread

Friday: Marinated pork tenderloin and Greek pasta salad

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